Women in Aviation Month

There have been many accomplishments of women in aviation from Amelia Earhart, to the WASP in WWII, and through modern day. For Women in Aviation Month I figured I would share the story of Lt. Kara Hultgreen call sign ‘Revlon’. She was the first female naval carrier based pilot. She was killed in her F-14A Tomcat BuNo 160390 in an accident while attempting to land on the USS Abraham Lincoln CVN-72 on October 25, 1994.

An American Hero

I have waited until now to write something about Mr. Guarnere, who was one of the original ‘Band of Brothers’ of the 101st Airborne Easy Company. I had the opportunity to meet Mr. Guarnere a couple of years ago at WWII Weekend in Reading, Pennsylvania. Mr. Guarnere was a true and kind human being, with a unique sense of humor. Being able to talk to such a man impacted my life by furthering my interest in WWII history. He has touched the lives of many and he will not be forgotten, the legacy that he has left behind will last a lifetime.