Historic Moment Captured at Ray Fagan Memorial Airshow in Granite Falls


P-40K s 42-10083 owned by Fagan Fighters WWII Museum and 42-10256 owned by Texas Flying Legends Museum reunite for their first flight together in 70 years after being recovered from a dry-lake bed in Russia. Photo Credit: Bernie Vasquez

These two P-40Ks, serial numbers 42-10083 and 42-10256 owned by Fagan Fighters WWII Museum and Texas Flying Legends Museum reunited and flew together for the first time in more than 70 years at the Ray Fagan Memorial Airshow this past weekend.  These two P-40’s both forced landed in a dry lake bed outside of Murmansk, Russia on November 10, 1944.  They were recovered and restored to flying status by Fagan Fighters WWII Museum in Minnesota.




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