Mission Statement

This Warbird Watcher is devoted to informing people who are interested about news in the warbird community. I will be featuring interviews of people of interest in the warbird community who run museums, foundations, airshows, some people who are involved in the restorations of these priceless aircraft, and veterans.

I am currently a college student. I am quite interested in WWII especially when it comes to aviation. I am constantly researching and learning as much as I can about WWII aviation. I attend as many airshows as I can a year. The reason I write is so that events that are taking place in the Warbird world can be shared with people that are interested in this field and also to promote education, preservation and restoration of these historic craft. I hope that you enjoy.

-Thomas Reilly


The Warbird Watcher



-The Warbird Watcher assumes no responsibility or liability for any offers made through this site.

-Content may not be reproduced in any form without permission from  and credit given to The Warbird Watcher


  1. This comment comes after many years of when I first wrote the posts which are recollected above. My thoughts involved the engines that powered the bombers and the fighter planes. This was for the sole purpose of finding two engines for a boat building project that is underway and on paper at this time. My first beginning historical search online history events began with Packard and Rolls-Royce collaborations that entered the competitive marine racing circuit that is known as a Thundercraft because of their Allison, Packard/Rolls-Royce Griffon and Merlin V12 engines, and many others that have adapted very well for personal builds and for entities that reflect upon the history in North American of boat racing with wooden vessels then came the various composite materials that included something very strong and light-weight to hold the power of these massive twin screw boats while most of the Thundercraft known vessels that I follow (Atlas Van Lines sponsor and Budweiser) were deeply involved in a sport that is having a renewal and is known perhaps better in the Seattle, Washington area as well as much interest in Canada. Please respond with a simple acknowledgment as it has been some years since posting on WordPress. Thank you kindly. Kevin Michale Callihan, Sr. [Retired and Disabled person as a former attorney at law until 1/10/2001.]

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