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If anyone has any news or pictures that they would like to pass on, or if you know anyone who may be of interest to the Warbird, aviation, or historical community or if you area Warbird owner or are affiliated with a museum or educational institution, please feel free to contact us at:


  1. Adventure Flight in Lincoln, CA is offering flight instruction and rental of its WW2 era aircraft. Offered for instruction is a Navy N3N, SNJ-4 Texan and Cessna T-50 Bobcat. Call 1-866-644-4072 For more information of to schedule a flight.

  2. Frank Gaffney says:

    My father in law, who was British, was on secondment to the US Navy during WWII. He served for a time on U.S. carriers repairing Corsairs and Hellcats. Years ago he related to me that, during his time at sea, if the navy did not have any spares readilly available, the planes were ditched over the side at a location off the coast of Sri Lanka (then Ceylon). I wondered if you had heared of this potential “graveyard” of warbirds

    Kind regards
    Frank Gaffney

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