Inside the Grumman Avenger’s Emergency Landing during the Arsenal of Democracy Flyover

On May 8, 2015 a fly-over took place over Washington D.C to celebrate the 70th Anniversary of V.E. Day.  The Military Aviation Museum’s Grumman Avenger took place in the event with veteran pilot Josh Wilson at the controls.  Mr. Wilson has experience, “…in over 100 aircraft, from WWI, WWII, Ultralights, Aerobatics, Crop Dusters, Airliners, F-16’s and F-22’s in the military”, with 3 years experience flying the Grumman Avenger.  As seen in the video, right as the formation is over the Lincoln Memorial a white vapor appeared in the cockpit that was thought to be smoke.  Mr. Wilson pulled out of the formation and made a successful emergency landing at Reagan International Airport.  It was later determined that the vapor that was observed was caused by a leak in a hydraulic line in the cockpit.  The Avenger was repaired a was flown out later the same day.


Pilot Mr. Josh Wilson stated following the incident that, “This event, especially on this day, gave a somber reminder to all those who didn’t have a runway conveniently aligned. To those who were hundreds of miles away from the nearest carrier, in enemy waters. To those who made the ultimate sacrifice. We remember. ”

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